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Mapping Russian LA

Residential Pattern for Boyle Heights Russian Laborers (1906-1907) from Los Angeles City Directory, International Edition (1906-1907)

This map includes a list of more than 120 Russians living in Los Angeles from 1906-1907 as indicated in Los Angeles City Directory (Intl. Edition) Volume 1906-1907. The religious affiliation of the group is unestablished. This group made up about 20% of the people included in the Russian section of the International Directory 1906-1907.

This distribution pattern does not completely coincide with the description of the Molokan Flats district in Boyle Heights (Anderson to Boyle Ave, 1st Street to 4th Street, or the LA River to Boyle Ave). One of the problems with mapping this community stems from the fact that the sectarian residents of Boyle Heights were not naturalized en mass. While the 1919 monograph by Lilian Sokoloff gives a number of 6000-7000 Russian residents in Boyle Heights, the LA City Directory, Intl. edition 1906-1907 lists slightly above 100 persons with Russian last names that match the profile.